Flow Electrical and Security is focused on providing the highest quality service around. Starting with a condition report we will put you in a great position to understand your electrics and whether they are safe or not, and if they comply with modern regulations. We can discuss any potential works that need carrying out to ensure safety and preventing high bills through poor electrics and fittings.

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What is an (EICR) and why do I need it?

You may be wondering what an electrical installation condition report (EICR) is. Well, it is all about testing the conditions of your home electrical system to stay safe and keep your home in top nick in case you ever want to sell. This test allows you to see whether there are any electrical faults, helps you to understand the condition and gives you the opportunity to plan ahead.

In its simplest form, it's like having an MOT to check if your car is roadworthy, helping to keep it in good condition for the foreseeable future. This report is basically the same thing but for your house. So, why wait until the power goes out to test your electrics?

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What is the certificate you will receive?

The EICR is a detailed document issued to you by one of our approved electricians that is in accordance with BS7671. The electrician will establish whether or not the electrical system is working safely and effectively throughout the property. In the document you will be shown all the checks and tests carried out by the electrical inspector and areas where improvements are needed for safety and / or cost saving improvements.

Homeowner or Landlord?

As a homeowner it is not currently a legal requirement to have an EICR. However, insurance companies have in the past refused claims due to poorly maintanted or faulty electrics. An EICR will highlight areas in need of immediate improvement, allowing you to make corrective action and prevent any costly mishaps.

As a Landlord, it is a legal requirement since July 1st 2020 that all properties will need a valid EICR for new tenants and renewals. Let flow take on the hassle, and give you piece of mind that your property is in great condition. If you have any questions and want more details, don't hesitate to get in contact with one of the team.

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